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Goals and history

Goals and history

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Economic Research Centre (ERC) is a policy research oriented think tank established in 1999. The Center is conducting regular research on macro-economic policy, including conceptual definitions, calculation, and modeling of alternative macro-economic indicators. Moreover, ERC contributes to analyses of public finance management policy (PFMP), particularly the process of good governance and budget transparency at national and local level. The Center also conducts research on assessing financial efficiency and outcomes of social programs (specifically, in the field of health and education) as well as household-level budget analyses. Furthermore, ERC designs and implements capacity building programs for local civil society organizations (CSOs).

The mission of ERC is to contribute to formulation of economic and social policies of the government through research and exchange of ideas.

ERC aims at improving various social and economic policies of the government through policy research and design of policy recommendations. ERC’s vision is an effective and sustainable civic engagement in all levels of public administration and, thus, greater access for citizens to relevant information through enhanced interactions between the government and civil society.








    In his newsletter, the events ( round tables, seminars, trainings, etc), publications, press releases, including the information on business trips to abroad realized within the framework of projects by the Economic Research Center are covered in both languages 

( Azerbaijan and English).


Program and financial report of  Economic Research Center covering activities in 2012