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Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the first wave of Covid-19 and the government's actions under the strict quarantine regime in Azerbaijan

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How was the first wave of the COVID-19 threat addressed in Azerbaijan? Were the quarantine restrictions set up in accordance with the rule of law? Were the funds allocated for the response to coronavirus spent transparently? What about the state of human rights and political freedoms? How were agriculture and food security regulated? How effective were social support programs during the pandemic? What must be done after the crisis?



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This report is comprised of two main parts  implementation of "National Action Plan (NAP) on Open Government Promotion in 2012-2015" and assessment of preparation and adoption of " National Action Plan on Open Government Promotion in 2016-2018" in compliance with principles of Open Government Partnership (OGP). The report addresses to the alternative assessment of both NAPs. In the evalution process of the first NAP, references were made to relevant annual reports of agency responsible for its implementation -  Commission on Combating agains Corruption of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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“Mirror Statistics” and Defining Foreign Trade Indicators in the Republic of Azerbaijan

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There is no extended research of public policy on regulation of the activities for organization and development of the statistics in Azerbaijan. Measures taken to improve and reconcile this field with the international standards are not considered to be satisfactory yet. Some of the statistical data vital for the country’s economic and social life can easily be challenged even upon the initial comparison. For example, when comparing Azerbaijan to other countries, according to the official statistics, Azerbaijan has better indicators for the level of poverty compared to Great Britain, better indicators for the Gini (inequality) coefficient compared to Switzerland and better indicators for the level of unemployment compared to United States. Thus, the official statistics distorts the reality in some fields.

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Program and financial report of  Economic Research Center covering activities in 2012