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MONITORING REPORT on the implementation of Azerbaijan Open Government Initiative National Action Plan for 2012-2015

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This report was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the framework of the Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency Project, implemented by “Transparency Azerbaijan” Anti-Corruption Public Union. The contents of the report are the sole responsibility of the Transparency Azerbaijan and do not necessarily reflect the views of the USAID or the US government.
Transparency Azerbaijan would like to thank the authors of this report – Galib Bayramov, Alasgar Mammadli, Hafiz Hasanov, Dunya Jamalova, Fuat Rasulov and Rajab Imanov, the editors Sabit Bagirov and Veronica Cretu, the translator of the report from Azerbaijani into English Ali Novruzov, as well as all individuals, including representatives from the governmental and non-governmental institutions for their valuable input to the development of this report. The project team wishes to extend their appreciation to other partners under the Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency Project, to all Azerbaijani NGOs who took part in the survey and especially those who have kindly agreed to join the NGO Platform. Special thanks shall go to the USAID Azerbaijan team for their valuable and on-going support to the APT project.


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Oil and Gas Revenue Management in Azerbaijan

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This policy paper was made possible by the financial and methodical support of the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) of the United States of America within the framework “Management of oil revenues in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan” project implemented by the “Economic Research Center” Public Union in 2012.
The contents of the report are the sole responsibility of the Economic Research Center and do not necessarily reflect the views of RWI.

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Report on monitoring of the implementation of the “National Action Plan for Promotion of Open Government for the years 2012-2015” was presented

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On November 22, 2013, the Economic Research Center (ERC) has released a final report on the monitoring of implementation of the National Action Plan for Promotion of Open Government for the years 2012-2015 (hereafter NAP). The report was prepared under Transparency Azerbaijan’s “Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency” project. Representatives of the Commission on Combating Corruption of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and other relevant government agencies, Milli Majlis, members of the Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency Platform, representatives of local and international NGOs, international organizations, diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan and the media attended the presentation of the report.

The participants of the presentation noted that by joining the Open Government Partnership, the Government of Azerbaijan aims to enhance its performance in terms of promoting open government and increasing transparency, and hopes to contribute to international initiatives and exchange of experience in this area. It was also emphasized that the goals of the first annual assessment report on the implementation of the NAP are to evaluate the level of the government’s implementation of its obligations under the NAP, to identify main challenges to the realization of these obligations, and to prepare recommendations for the next implementation period.

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Project on “Enhanced Transparency Initiative and Ensuring Public Participation in Municipal Decision-making process”

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In line with the SW-07-02 Grant Agreement on “Enhanced Transparency Initiative and Ensuring Public Participation in Municipal Decision-making process” that was launched by Economic Research Center with funding support from CHF, Azerbaijan in order to strengthen the municipalities in Azerbaijan started to be implemented as scheduled. By September 24, 2007, the action plan and training materials had been arranged and all the organizational issues of the training series that were supposed to be held in Northeast, Northwest and Southeast be resolved. Likewise, all the necessary contact had been established with CHF regional offices.

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On “Alternative inflation rate and model development”

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As known, one of frequently appealed methods of inflation forecasting is to use Phillips curve. The starting point for the theoretical derivation of the New Phillips Curve1 (NPC) is an environment of monopolistically competitive firms that face some type of constraints on price adjustment. Nominal rigidities are generally introduced in the form of constraints on the frequency with which firms and/or workers can adjust their nominal prices and wages, respectively. An implication of such constraints is that price and wage-setting decisions become forward-looking, since agents recognize that the prices/wages they set will remain effective beyond the current period. A common specification is due to Calvo (1983), where a model is based on staggered price setting with stochastic time dependent rules. In this framework in any given time period each firm may adjust its price during that period with a fixed probability1 −θ , and, hence, with a probability θ it must keep its price unchanged.

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