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Mass poisonings in cotton fields in Aran region

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Fom June 10 to June 20 about 300 people got poisoned with chemicals in Saatli, Terter, Yevlakh and Imishli. On these facts, the prosecutor's office arrested five officials. They are charged under articles 249.2 (violation of rules for using herbicides and combating pests) and 314.2 (negligence, which entailed grave consequences) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

It is necessary to generally eliminate the causes leading to such cases, including the elimination of corruption in the sale of fertilizers used to increase productivity in cotton fields, cotton subsidies and even the sale of fuels and lubricants.

It is also necessary to ensure the observance of the labor protection rules for workers in these and other agricultural sectors and to guarantee the minimum social conditions for their activities.

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