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Independent NGOs to create a forum of open government

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By the end of the year will be announced the establishment of the Forum of open government, formed of representatives of independent civil society, said in an interview to «Çətin sual» of Turan agency Gubad Ibadoglu, the was head of the movement for democracy and development. According to him, in the current platforms of dialogue of open government partnership the "real representatives of civil society are not represented." The platform cannot be called open, he said. "It was established in September, but many NGOs dealing with this issue remain overboard," he said. It creates the impression that the government wants to engage in dialogue with itself.
"We, the representatives of the NGOs hold independent line and are waiting, and have given the government time to correctly assess the situation and make the right decisions. Unfortunately, this did not happen," he said. According to Ibadoglu, the government thinks that with such a composition it can achieve international legitimacy and, therefore, He continued the old policy. The work on the new charter of the Forum joined by more than 20 NGOs representing different spheres. "In a short time will be established forum of open government, formed of truly independent civil society," he said.

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